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We are the home of lovingly hand crafted, fresh and seasonal Goat, Buffalo, Camel and Cow Cheese.

If you are looking for that special something to set your food apart, then you have come to the right place.

Please spend some time learning about what makes Little White Goat Cheese a widely loved and sought after cheese.

We sell direct to market and wholesale. Sales enquiries via the contact us page.


Our Range

We currently produce a seasonal range of Goat, Buffalo, Camel and Cow cheeses. The Range is seasonal and the availability of certain kinds will vary by the time of year.

Currently Available

  • Persian Goat Feta- 350g
  • Buffalo Feta in Brine
  • Marinated Buffalo Feta
  • Ashed Chevre

We are currently working on a Goats Tomme and Buffalo Blue – watch this space for availability. We expect they will be ready in Q3, 2018.

All cheese is POA dependant of time of year. Shoot us a note to find out what we have available.

Free postage on orders over $100



Our Story

Founded by Karen Lindsay some 15 years ago. Little White Goats cheese had humble beginnings. With just a few goats, a love of great food and a curiosity about what could be created, Karen set out to create a cheese like no other.

With no background in Cheese, but armed with a love of animals, a history of farming and plenty of determination. Karen has grown from just a few head of Goats to over 70 today (not including those who have moved to other farms to ensure the genetic diversity of the herd).

The farm is set in the hinterlands behind Brisbane, nestled in between acres of banana farms, Karen goats enjoy clean air, lots of sunlight and no lack of love.

Karen sees to it herself that the herd is milked daily and tended to with care. She overseas the breeding and ‘kidding’ of the herd, a task far from the glamorous cheeseboards with wine that can be enjoyed because of her hard work.

Little White Goat Cheese is truly a family affair, with Karens mother, Fay, often found by her side at the markets or in the cheese room, the grandkids cuddling the ‘kids’ and her husband helping load feed. It is this love and passion that comes through in the cheese and some may argue is the secret ingredient.

A sustainable and ethical approach is taken in managing the herd, this means they breed naturally at their normal time of year. However as a result of this Little White Goat Cheese does experience seasonality in its supply.

To allow the brand to have a constant supply of cheese, Little White Goat Cheese sources Buffalo, Camel and Cow Cheese from partner farms.

These farms are all personally sourced and visited by Karen to ensure they share the same values of care for their animals as Karen does for hers.

Keep your eyes open throughout the year for specialty cheese that may be on offer when the Goats cheeses are in short supply.

Meet The Family

No this isn’t the part where there is a bounty of hilarious kids photos…well….not the human kind at least!

Its hard to explain why Little White Goat cheese’s taste different without explaining how the farm is different.

  • The herd is the split, boys and girls are kept seperate. We will spare you the details, but in short, the boys goats tend to wee on and around the girls goats which then impacts the flavour of the girl goats milk…it gives the milk a more ‘gamey’ flavour.
  • By separating the boys from the girls the milk is smoother in its flavour profile which means the cheese starts on the smoothest base and results in and overall smother tastier cheese.
  •  The goats at Little White Goat Cheese are not subjected to any kind of hormone or light therapy to affect their breeding cycle and milk supply, they cycle and breed just like nature intended.
  • The Little White Goat Cheese goats are milked every day. They enjoy a hearty feed while they are milked and Karen supervises each goats milking process to ensure they are not at any point stressed or uncomfortable.
  • Each goat at Little White Goat Cheese has its own name. They come to their name to be milked each morning. The hardest part is coming up with new names each year for the new additions.
  • The milk the goats at Little White Goat Cheese produce is creamier that most Goat Milk. This is thanks to their high quality diet…and all the hugs they get probably helps at well.

Yes, they are part of the family and they are treated as well as any family member would be… and you can taste the difference



What Our Customers Say

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Contact us directly :

Karen Lindsay

PH:  0438 791 426

E: karenlindsay2@bigpond.com